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Tax returns software : eFiscalease

The fastest is eFiscalease !

Don’t let others be more successful than you ! All tax, eCDF and eTVA forms in 1 click.

BDO Technology offers you an « All In One » solution that allows you to process your declarations and forms. Indeed eFiscalease allows import, input, viewing, printing, PDF generation, transmission in XML format and archiving of your former declarations.

Access a professional tool for your income tax and accounting forms and take advantage of a leading quality service at an affordable cost.

Every year BDO Technology offers an updated version of eFiscalease with new functions and forms.

eFiscalease offers :

  • A centralised and optimal management of your forms,
  • a validation workflow of your eTVA, eCDF et ACD (mod 500) forms,
  • a smooth VAT migration from eTVA plateform to eCDF plateform,
  • multi-views of your « forms » operations,
  • direct input into forms or a data import for an optimal use with ImportCenter,
  • a practical solution to manage legal representatives and partners which is essential for the preparation of  model 500, starting 2015,
  • tax calculation for model 500 (IRC, ICC et IF) and 100 (IRPP),
  • an autonomous IRC-ICC-IF Calculator for more flexibility,
  • a generator for balance sheet and P&L based on Luxembourg standard charts of account (PCNL),
  • optimised printing of Luxembourg standard charts of account (PCNL),
  • extremly easy switching from one form to another between french, german and english versions,
  • an automatic check of intercommunity VAT numbers,
  • more than 120 forms from 2004 to  present (approximately 3000 sheets).

An immediate return on investment for an optimal time saving.

Don’t let others be more successful than you !

Choose eFiscalease : a real desktop for your forms…