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Talent Development Plan

Each person’s personal and professional development is never-ending.

We offer a wide range of training in our Talent Development Plan to allow our employees to continuously develop their competencies, knowledge and skills in a continually evolving, environment.

Training programs are available to each person depending on their level of experience and his/her role and responsibilities within BDO. These programs cover technical, non-technical (“soft skills”), IT and language training. To meet the specific developmental needs of our employees, we encourage them to take part in external training courses with leading training organisations in Luxembourg or abroad.

Apart from the “traditional” training methods, we also recommend exploring other alternatives such as e-learning.

BDO is a company at a human scale, which is why we believe “On-the-job” training is one of the most effective ways to develop our talents with qualified professionals. The exchange and sharing of knowledge and experience are valuable to all.

Finally, to accompany our employees in their respective careers and responsibilities, we support specific qualifications or essential and recognised professional certifications for a job or service line.


Our Talent Development Plan includes:


On the Job   Hard Skills         Languages     
Professional Qualifications   e-Learning   IT

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