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Recruitment Process

During our recruitment process, we want to find out who you are.

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4 steps to be part of BDO's team:



The steps in more details:

To ensure our selection process is entirely fair and consistent, we ask all candidates to apply online.

We carefully review all applications, and if selected, a member of our HR-Team will contact you for a first pre-qualification interview. After that, you will be invited for an interview in our premises. If you can’t make it to Luxembourg, the interview will occur via a videoconference tool.

Please make sure we can reached you via the phone number and e-mail address provided in your application.

For some of our recruitment procedures, you could be asked to complete online tests which will test both your technical and personal skills.

Before the interview, you will receive all the necessary pieces of information (expectations, interviewers, …) in order to prepare yourself.

It is now your chance to show us that you have what we’re looking for!

Our goal is to produce an offer within a timely manner. Once the interview process is concluded, we will make hiring decisions and contact you.

If you are successful, your HR contact will call to inform you of our intention to offer you the position and all the details related.

If you are unsuccessful, you will also be informed by your HR contact and encouraged to explore career opportunities at a later time. We will be in a position to provide you with feedback upon requ



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